Cooperatively play to kick the footbag into a goal. Sometimes refered to as "Goal Kick" a bucket makes a great goal! Points are scored each time you successfully make a goal in a variety of different ways.

1-4 players
45 minutes




The objective of the game is to cooperatively kick the footbag into the center goal to earn a certain number of points decided on before play. A bucket, bowl, or designated area works well for a goal. After each goal is made, the next player in order kicks the footbag from the outer play area to the goal, for an opportunity to score cooperatively. Points scored without other player assistance are worth more than points scored with player assistance.


Points are only scored after the footbag has been kicked 2 times by any player. Each time the footbag goes into the goal (or bucket) 1 point is made. Goals scored from a corner kick or a goal kick on the first try (without player assistance) are 2 points--with player assistance is 1 point.

Play Area

The play area determines the boundaries where different rules apply. For example, the outer play area is where corner kicks and goal kicks must be made. This can define the inner and outer limit, or just the inner limit (i.e. how close to the goal a corner or goal kick can be made). Similarly, if the footbag goes beyond the distance of the inner play area, a corner must be made.

Corner Kicks

Corner kicks are made from the outer player area, by placing the footbag on the top of your foot, and swinging your leg up toward the goal. Kicking the footbag is not allowed on a corner kick, but the other player is allowed to receive (and kick) the footbag. If the receiving player is able to keep the footbag in play and score a goal, a point is made and the next player who's turn it is makes a goal kick.

Goal Kicks

Goal kicks are kicked after a goal is scored. They are opportunities to score additional points. The player kicking the goal kick moves to the outer play area and must double kick the footbag in an attempt to make a goal. The kick is done by popping or kicking the footbag up into the air, to then kick it a second time toward the goal. If a goal is scored without help by the other players, 2 points are made. If a goal is scored with the assistance of other players, 1 point is made, and that players makes another goal kick from a different spot around the outer play area.


There are several variations for opportunities to score points and ways to play that are optional when playing, like the goal kick stall or a trial event.


If a stall is made during an attempt to score a goal, 1 bonus point is made, only if a goal is scored within the same play session (or before the footbag is dropped).

Goal Kick Stall

After a goal is made, players attempt a goal kick. The player retrieving the footbag from the goal can toss the footbag to the kicker for an attempt to stall the footbag. If the kicker successfully stalls the footbag, 2 points are scored. These points can either be counted immediately or only if the goal kick is scored as well.


A Trial is initiated when the footbag lands beyond the outer play area. Similar to the game Magma, players start at the edge of the outer player area and traverse inward toward the goal. As always the footbag can only be kicked with your feet. If the players are able to successfully move the footbag to the goal and score in 1 attempt, 2 points are scored. Trials have 3 attempts (retrying each time at the starting point) before normal play resumes.


There are a few penalty rules to include that make the game a bit more challenging.

Kicking the Goal

If the center goal is kicked by accident, it's automatically minus 2 points. The leniency of this rule ranges between knocking the goal over completely or just knocking it at all.


If a player touches the footbag with their hands unintentionally or deliberately, this is considered a handball. The penalty for a handball is that the player must immediately make a corner. Two attempts are given. The first attempt the second player cannot assist in the goal attempt. The second attempt the second player can assist in the goal attempt. If both goal attempts are missed, 2 points are deducted from the score. If either goal attempt is made, there are no points scored and no points deducted.

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